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5/5/11: 374 Ways to Make a Sunny Spread

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I’ve been so wrapped in the world of sewing lately that I haven’t been visiting much. This is so unbelievable for me; I used to check my project page faithfully almost every single day during January and February this year. (Probably due to me being in a knitting frenzy after successfully finishing my Acorns sweater. Which, by the way, I am wearing right now. I am still waiting for glorious Spring to arrive!)

So today I quickly jumped over to Ravelry to see if any messages were left for me and to check on the status of some of my favorite patterns. By ‘status’ I mean, check the total number of projects, like this:
{screen shot from}

One pattern I was very interested in “checking up” with was the Sunny Spread afghan. I made this afghan last year around May and I sold it in December through an Ebay auction. It was a bittersweet moment for I did really love that afghan but I am happy to know someone will enjoy it. Maybe some day I’ll make another in that shade of green–just for me. 🙂

What I found on Ravelry was a pleasant surprise. A whopping 374 Sunny Spreads have been made!

I couldn’t believe it! And see all the versions that have been made:

{made by grumpygirl}

{made by Niekeni}

{made by ljsvir}

{made by Misplacedpom}

{made by Lootyaj}

There are so many ways to crochet a Sunny Spread. I am really impressed with the color choices I am seeing; I especially love the muted grays and greens that were used in grumpygirl’s version. Speaking of afghans. . . I did start one several weeks ago. I will post about it soon!

What about you? What is one of your favorite knit or crochet afghan patterns or squares?

One Comment

  1. Oooo, I LOVE all of the versions of this gorgeous design! I’ve had it earmarked ever since I received my copy of Crochet Today with the design in it.

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