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2/3/11: Crochet Today in Review


Putting together my 2010 in Review post was a lot of fun so after receiving the latest issue of Crochet Today in the mail yesterday, I thought of another list. This time it will be the top ten designs from Crochet Today magazine, in my humble opinion. I own almost every issue (I’m missing only two!), so I will visit to see the designs I don’t own. And I will also write down the reasons why I chose them for my top ten list. So let’s start with number ten. . .
10. Layering Cardi (Jan/Feb 2009) — With its striking crocheted cables and unique neckline, this short-sleeved cardi really changes the face of crocheted sweaters. I love the warm, cinnamon color as well!

9. Quilt-Inspired Throw (Aug/Sept 2006) — Can this be more modern? And I love the color choices!

8. Fireside Throw (Jan/Feb 2009) — Now I am usually not fond of afghans that use lots of different colors (reminds me too much of granny squares of long ago), but this throw is different. It uses so many different colors in such a sweet, small motif that it makes this throw fun and cozy.

7. Frosted Waves (Jan/Feb 2009) — Doesn’t the stitch pattern used here look like the feather and fan pattern used in knitting? Gorgeous choice of yarn and color! I also like the raglan sleeves.

6. Lace and Pearls Necklace (May/June 2010) — Do I need to say anything? Most of the time when people hear the word ‘crochet’ they think something lacy, so this design is living up to that reputation. . . And taking it far beyond.

5. Springtime Trench (Feb/Mar 2007) — I started subscribing to Crochet Today with this issue. And the dark blue trench coat that it featured still stands out in my mind. It is one exquisite coat and the other, and maybe more amazing part of this design, is the fact that it is a coat. 🙂

4. Tailored Blazer (Sept/Oct 2010) — Very similar stitch pattern and collar to the Springtime Trench but this sweater is ready for the office! I love when crochet sweaters take on the look of fitted sewn versions.

3. Lacy Days of Summer (July/Aug 2007) — Can it be anymore pretty? My older sister keeps on pushing me to make this for her. What a beautiful combination of filet crochet!

2. Sunny Spread (Jan/Feb 2008) — How can this be? An afghan is really my runner up? You bet. It can happen when the afghan is really that phenomenal. This spread has such great texture, it is done in squares (great for on-the-go crocheting), and fill your eyes with that splendid yellow! The pattern is wonderfully written, also. I should know, I crocheted it!

And now for what we’ve been waiting for! Number one in my list of Crochet Today designs is…

1. Featherweight Wrap (May/June 2008) — So why am I so smitten with this one? It all has to do with my starting out in crochet. Unlike most crocheters, I learned how to crochet by doing thread crochet. Small steel hooks, size 10 crochet thread, and a booklet of doilies was how I started. Thread crochet to this day is my favorite type of crochet. I may not do it as much as I want (it does take extra time, ya know!), but I still ooh and aww over the designs like the Featherweight Wrap. This wrap is so striking with its open diamond stitch and crisp white thread.

To me, this wrap is the crochet equivalent to the breathtaking knitted lace shawls. And I simply love it.

I shared my list so what about you? What is your favorite Crochet Today design of all time? Have some extra time on your hands? Why not tell us your top ten!

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  1. I would have to say my favorite is probably Raspberry Beret. It was one of the first patterns to really take me out of my comfort zone and I pretty much love anything that Linda Permann creates.

  2. That trench coat rocked my world when I made it. It was the first REAL project I made from start to finish!

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