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1/19/11: Woolly Goodness for January


Sorry about the lapse of writing there, had the flu to tend with for a good portion of the new year. Being down with the flu is no way enjoyable, but it does make you do one thing: sit still long enough and do some mindless knitting. And that is exactly where I was at with my Acorns sweater. You know, the one I’ve mentioned here. This sweater pattern is by no means an easy one to execute–with all its many increases, decreases, and elaborate stitch pattern–but when it comes to knitting those sleeves. . . Well, they probably could make you fall asleep mid-row if you weren’t careful. 🙂

So once I punched out both sleeves, there was only three little steps to do: sew the underarm seams, sew on the buttons, and weave in the ends. When I formed this small list in my head, a strange feeling came over me. It was then and there when I realized I was truthfully ALMOST DONE! When you’ve been working tediously on something for months–yes, since September to be exact–you sort of forget that there really is an end.
After frantically working Monday evening, I managed to weave in my last loose end and declare that I WAS FINISHED!! So are you ready to see it? Here it is…

This sweater is a major accomplishment for me and I’m very happy with how it came out. If you want to read the endless collection of notes about my Acorns knitting experience, check out my project page here.
And here is one final glimpse of my Acorns which seems to be very enticing to Benny the Cat:

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