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11/27/10: Comfort and Joy — A Look at My Knitted Shawls


I was very happy to see that my Sunny Spread afghan has found a home finally! I’m SO excited! So as I send out my first-ever-internet-sell, I am going to put up two more auctions. This time it will be two shawls, one that is crocheted and the other knitted. I’m not straying too far from my knit collection as you can see!

So here is the knitted shawl, aka The Nicky Shawl. It was knitted using the pattern of the same name from the Berroco Yarn website. See the pattern here.

I used Lion Brand Homespun for this project and I knitted it up in the Fall of 2007. This triangular shaped shawl measures 53″ x 38″.

And now I bring you my crocheted shawl, which is named The Paris Shawl. The pattern also came from Berroco and you can find it here.

I used TLC Amore yarn which has a boucle appearance and feels a bit like terrycloth. VERY SOFT! I crocheted it in Spring of 2008. It measures 67″ x 28″.

The starting bid for both of these shawls will be $18. I don’t have the auction link yet (will have it probably later this evening), so I will update this specific post as soon as it is available.

UPDATE: Here are the links to my ebay auctions:
Click here for blue shawl
Click here for green shawl

Thanks for looking!

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