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11/17/10: Timing is Everything


Can blogs get dusty? I’m not sure but I think it has happened to my poor Art and Needlework. I’ve fallen behind in posting not because of lack of projects, ideas, and tutorials to share, oh no. The root of the matter is this: I am waiting to have more time to post. I am waiting to buy a computer of my own so I won’t be doing what I loathe to do, and that is borrowing. I’ve been borrowing my parents’ and siblings’ computers constantly and because blog writing takes time, I decided to wait with my posting until I have my own.

As soon as I do purchase one, just wait and see the flurry of new things I will be sharing. I can’t wait! After Thanksgiving sales are coming up and you know what that means. 😉

I have some news for you tomorrow so come back then!

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