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8/5/10: Cherry Red Potholders


I don’t do a whole lot of quilting so I consider it a treat when I’m able to browse the fabric scraps I have and do some patchwork. I’ve been mending clothes lately–not my favorite thing in the world–so I was in desperate need of a sewing treat! Since I’ve been wanting to make some patchwork potholders to sell at my family’s farm market, I finally took the plunge.

When I sat down to pick my block, I chose a design and a color scheme that I would love. That is why I chose red in fun prints, like the polka dots and hearts. I made these potholders using the same Quilter’s Calendar that I used before and also the same principle method of construction from this project. I only changed the dimensions slightly to come out with an eight inch square instead of a twelve inch.

Note to self: For an eight inch potholder, I cut out 2″ squares for the red solid squares and 2-1/2″ squares for the halved squares in the gingham, heart, and polka dot fabrics.

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