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6/26/10: Crochet Still Works

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Sunny Spread Being Sewn

Do you remember that Sunny Spread afghan I posted about? You might have thought it fell off the face of the earth or was unmercifully ripped apart again and again.
No, nothing of the sort! Many other projects have taken center stage right now (especially working on my family’s farm), so it was placed tenderly back into my project bag for a vacation every once in awhile. It has seen the light of day, however, and I have made some progress.

Currently, I am working on one of the last parts: the edging. Yep, I finished crocheting all 64 motifs (actually 65. . . Oops! One too many), and I sewed them altogether using needle and yarn. The pattern has been flawless and was a breeze to understand, and I loved to look at my tall stacks of finished motifs before they were sewn. They were tall enough for King Kong to climb!

So just a couple more rows for the edging and then I weave in all 2,999,999 loose yarn ends. 😀 That’s what happens when you choose an afghan that involves squares!

Sunny Spread Being Sewn

Sunny Spread Being Sewn

Sunny Spread Being Sewn

One Comment

  1. Beautiful & Congratulations!

    I need to crochet something.

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