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4/12/10: Crocheted Earrings


I just recently finished crocheting a pair of earrings for my sister. I used the Lacy Leaf Earrings pattern from the May/June 2008 issue of Crochet Today–one of my favorite issues by the way! 😀 I used size 30 Knit-Cro-Sheen cotton crochet thread and a size 13/14 steel crochet hook.

So on to some Q and A:

How was the crocheting process? It took about a month for me to make these but that is solely due to the fact that I put this project behind other projects. However, they did take much longer than I expected. This is probably so because I was having trouble working the adjustable ring (first time for me to use this technique), and stuffing the berries with 12” of crochet thread.

Did I alter the pattern in any way? No, I followed it exactly. Size 30 thread. Check. Size 14 steel crochet hook. Check.

Would I do anything different next time? Yes. Since I had an incredibly hard time filling each berry with the called for 12” strand of crochet thread, I decided to find an easier method. I tried using a small bead and such but nothing worked. Nevertheless, I did eventually come up with a little trick. In the pattern where it says to decrease 6 sc (right before the berry stuffing), decrease only 3 sc; this allows a larger opening on top. It did the trick, they were 10x easier to stuff. Too bad I discovered this trick on my last berry!

Lacy Leaf Earrings by Kazekobo

Lacy Leaf Earrings by Kazekobo

Lacy Leaf Earrings by Kazekobo

Lacy Leaf Earrings by Kazekobo

For those who are on Ravelry, you can see this pattern’s project page by clicking here.

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