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4/8/10: Home Remedy for Wrinkling Fabric AND How to Make Crisp Pleats


I just was reading the Sensibility Sewing Forum and came across a great tip one of the members shared. Here is the conversation:

gentle__annie writes:

I bought a gorgeous cranberry wool skirt at the thrift store with the intention of turning it into a Civil War sacque coat for my little sis—however, the skirt was box-pleated, and although I’ve taken out the pleat stitches, of course very many creases remain in the fabric. Is there any way to get them out?

Di Di replies:

I was taught to remove fabric creases using white vinegar, either diluted (1/3 Cup to 3/4 Cup water) or straight from the bottle. You can dab it on with a sponge, or press cloth, or spray it on. It doesn’t have to be soaking in it, but the crease line should be damp. Then using a press cloth, or piece of brown paper bag over the crease, steam with your iron. This has worked for me on several occassions. However, it might be possible that the skirt was treated with ‘chemicals’ to set the creases, or if the wool has some synthetics the creases might have been made permanent with heat. It those cases, you could be out of luck as ‘set pleats’ will be almost impossible to remove satisfactorily for your intended purpose.

Bel chimes in:

The vinegar treatment is useful for putting pleats into wool too.

And gentle__annie leaves with saying:

It worked!! The wool looks gorgeous now, thank you soooo much!!!!!!!

I will certainly keep this vinegar tip in mind! It will come in handy for making crisp pleats, something I am kind of obsessed about! 😀

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