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Sewing Basics Series

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Sewing Basics

When one is away from crafting for a long time she usually finds herself at a lost to what to pick up again. Should she tackle the mending pile? Alter that jacket? Fix that zipper? All of those suggestions sound, well, too practical. Too mundane and yawning material, especially for a person who is getting back into the crafty swing of things.

That was my state of mind when I finished straightening my crafting room and was pondering on what to start on first. I had just received my 13 plastic containers (from ebay) to house all my little bits and notions for sewing. So I now had all my bias, twill, and rick rack tape, all my buttons and needles, and even the fabric pens and dyes a place to call home. After going on this little organizing adventure, I was reminded of how important the little things in sewing are for a beginner. Knowing how to use all these tools and notions properly, how to master simple sewing techniques like threading a needle or machine, and discovering those useful tips like using distilled water in your iron to maintain clean steam vents, are so important but aren’t always mentioned or explained in sewing books. So I thought of a new series for my YouTube channel, The Sewing Basics Series.

My goal with this new series is to cover the simple aspects of sewing with simplicity. I hope to avoid throwing out techno sewing lingo and over explain everything. That last part might be the hardest part about it! The first one up in this series is How to Sew, Iron, and Transfer Darts. Darts, for me, took awhile to get right. ┬áThere always seemed to be issues with getting the darts legs to meet perfectly. After combining a few different dart techniques into one, I’ve made it pass my dart obstacle and now I can make darts that are straight, on point with the dart point, and pucker and bubble free.


Just last week I finished Part 2 of the series. Since I was working on a dress with a back zipper, I decided to film: How to Sew the Top of a Zipper. There is always something to learn about how to sew in a zipper. I’m finding out insider tips all the time, especially on Sunni’s Craftsy class. One of the things that can really puzzle a beginner is, how do you finish off the top of the zipper? A lot of zipper demonstrations completely skip over this step (even me with my invisible zipper tutorial), so I thought it was high time to let those beginner sewers in on this final step.


Still thinking about what Part 3 should be about. So many topics to discuss! Sewing is one of those things that seems endless when it comes to the imagination, both in creation and sharing sewing knowledge. Hope this post finds you well. Have fun crafting!



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  1. Ooh, yes please to the zipper top info. Also, i’d love to see how to manage an invisible zip with a lining. I think I’ve seen a tutorial at Colette that shows how to manage it with a facing, but as a newbie I would love more specific tutorials.

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