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1/4/12: Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

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Welcome to the 2012 Art and Needlework Awards ceremony where we will review the creations of 2012 and find out who was a step ahead of the rest and who has been nominated as the Best of 2012.

First up in our long and towering list of awards is. . .

Most Worn

These are my go-to pants. I wear them to the store, on walks, when company is here, and just around the house. They are so comfortable so I am always grabbing for them. I really, really need to make another one because come on, one pair can’t last forever!

Cutest Crochet 

I entered the world of crocheted toys this year and this black cat, the first one I did, might just be the cutest of the bunch. His name is Allie and he is the crocheted version of the real life kitty of the same name and temperament.

Cyber Favorite

The Audrey Hepburn skirt that I made for my sister has become the number one favorite of the cyber folk. The skirt was actually made by using the skirt portion of a Vogue dress pattern so it was definitely a learning curb. I like the skirt a lot! Sometimes, though, I think it is favorited a lot because they’re smitten with the kitty prop. Ah, it works every time. 😉

Most Fun to Sew

This is my most recent sewing project to date (finished on Christmas), and was so much fun to make. I think I enjoyed it so much because I was sewing right before Christmas, so I wasn’t overly busy with anything. It was just me and sewing, nothing else. And there weren’t many alterations to boot!

Hardest to Do (In Sewing)

Two awards! Gosh! These pants took every cell in my brain. Throughout most of the process I was groping in the dark and wasn’t sure about the outcome, but I came out alright and made a wardrobe staple.

Hardest to Do (In Knitting)

Project: Ringwood Gloves

I may not have did a full fledged post on these knitted gloves I did back in May, but let me tell you, they were no small feat. Let me paint you the picture. Here I was knitting with thin yarn on small double pointed needles making ten, small narrow tubes while making sure to get the Ringwood stitch pattern in the right sequence, and because of the thin yarn and small needles, each and every inch took a crazy amount of time to knit. And did I tell you that I hadn’t worked with such tiny double pointed needles before?! The task of knitting was not so sublime but the finished gloves are!

Most Popular Tutorial
Tutorial: How to Crochet Buttons

2012 was the year I started making YouTube videos on crafting. I did four in all: How to Find Fabric Grain without the Selvage, How to Find Both Ends to a Skein of Yarn, How to Make Quilted Potholders, and the most popular, How to Crochet Buttons.

Blogger’s Frown
Project:  Jeans

The number one thing that is lacking in my wardrobe are jeans. Just plain old denim jeans that I can really work in and not worry about. I started making a pair back in June but didn’t get very far, mainly due to busy summer months getting in the way and me not willing to start the project up again. I HAVE to get back to this because I am going to need them desperately in the next couple months.

Blogger’s Favorite to Wear

The 1940s blouse is back again. Haven’t gotten much of a chance to wear this one because it was just finished up last month, but golly, do I love it. The style is perfect!

Customer’s Review

Had this made for my sister and she never stops saying how she loves it! It is her favorite skirt she owns and always jumps on the chance to wear it.

Best in Knitting
Project: St. Germain Hat

First hand knitted hat I made and I love it. Because of it, I’m going through a faze of hat knitting that looks like it is going to last for the remaining winter months. Which isn’t a bad thing considering how little yarn a single hat uses!


What a full year! Even though there was a long span of time during the summer and fall months when I wasn’t crafting at all, I was able to do a lot of the things I set out to do at the beginning of the year. I hope 2013 will prove to be close to 2012 in regards to crafting and I hope everyone will have a happy and healthy New Years! 

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  1. i’m so impressed that your first pair of pants turned out to be such a success! how rewarding, especially when you put so much effort into it. 🙂

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