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5/25/12: How to Back Up Your Blogger Blog – Step by Step


As promised, I’m back this week to tell you how to back up your Blogger blog, both past posts and the blog template. Backing up is a good habit to get into and it is really quick to do with Blogger. Especially when you have a road map like this one I put together for myself:

To backup blog’s content (i.e. past posts):

Go to your blog’s “Settings” and click on the subcategory “Other.”

At the very top of the page click on “Export blog” and download the xml file. That’s it. This one single file will hold all your past posts.

Blogger suggests testing this file because sometimes a post may be missing. To test the file, I made a make-believe blog titled Rebekah’s Test Blog and I imported the xml file to this blog. (You can import by clicking on “Import” found right near the “Export” option you clicked previously.) I then compared the number of posts from my real blog to the newly imported posts found on my Rebekah’s Test Blog. The number matched.


To backup blog’s template:

Go to your blog’s “Template” and click on the “Backup/Restore” button found right below your account button in the upper right corner. Click on the “download full template” button and another xml file will be created. Test out this file by uploading the template your make-believe blog. (The upload option is found right below the “download full template.”)

Now go forward and back up!

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