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5/20/12: Dot Com


Blogger has been a good host for me over these years but I just didn’t like the long URL. I know I should have done it eons ago, but last evening I finally got a domain for this blog. Simple dot com address! Yes!
So instead of, just type in That’s easier to remember.
Just in case you’re looking at the same market, I bought my domain name from My brother recommend them and you can get a domain for $8.99 a year. I was shopping around and the usual amount is $14. 
This little techno moment reminded me of a post I wanted to write up a few months ago. It will be about how to back up a blog hosted by Blogger. Backing up is a good practice (especially in the case of a blog that has archives going back years), and so once you know which buttons and links to click, it will become more of a habit. When I first tried to back up this blog I couldn’t find much documentation or tutorials on the subject, since Blogger just recently changed its interface. So I think a post on the subject should help fellow Blogger users and I will get one typed up this week. See you then!

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