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5/12/12: How to Find the Straight of Grain without the Selvage


Kind of lost when you need to find the fabric’s straight of grain and the selvage edges are gone? When starting out in sewing, that baffled me, too. That is why when it came time to make a sewing-themed video, I thought of this right off the bat. It is just one of those petty sewing conundrums that go under the radar for most seasoned sewers, and only surface for those folks who don’t have a sewing instructor or good sewing book nearby. Aka: ME. 🙂 That’s the way I started out in sewing and I’m sure there are a lot of people in the same situation.

Besides finding the straight of grain (by using three different methods), I also discuss in the video the importance of fabric grain, how to distinguish from crosswise and lengthwise grain, and what are weft and warp threads.

Hope you enjoy!

Link to VIDEO.

P.S. Just wanted to come back and let you know that I updated my tutorial page here on this blog. Check it out by clicking on the box link near the header or by clicking here.

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