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3/31/12: How to Find Both Ends to a Skein of Yarn — Video Tutorial


Two video tutorials in two days! My goodness!

Earlier this week I sent in a knitting tip video to and they accepted it! The tip is how to find both ends to a skein of yarn–something I struggled with when I was beginning in knitting, back in the summer of 2005. Finding that “center pull” is not an easy thing to accomplish but when I learned the tip (from what source. . . I can’t remember!), I was able to start knitting that much sooner.

So here is the link:

And AllFreeKnitting was nice enough to allow me to upload the same video to my YouTube channel. So you can view the same tip here.

While you’re there, you can subscribe to my channel so you can always be the first to see when a new video goes up!

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