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3/23/12: Noisy Silence


Wanted to pop in for a little bit this evening and share what I’ve been up to these last couple weeks!

I’m working on some video tutorials for, one of which is a project that is bold and cute. I’m loving it!

Been dabbling in another type of hands-on work I’ve never done before. . . Assembling electronics. Yeah, weird, huh? I’ll share more on that later.

Just starting to work on a made-to-order skirt that was bought via my Etsy shop. No actual stitching yet but I’m still loving the process of selecting the fabric and altering the pattern.

Not much headway on the quilt. The running total is 134 and I need 192. I’m glad I tucked all my blocks into that sewing caddy because I don’t know if I could stand the urge to quilt if I have it out and in view. The quilt has to wait just a couple more days–priorities, priorities!

Gosh, it has been a hot week, hasn’t it? It got up to 87F in my part of Michigan! Not a happy camper. Haven’t started knitting or crocheting anything because of the weather. The weekend should be a lot cooler so maybe I’ll look into doing the Holi Mitts soon!

That is in my world of crafting. Farm work, house work, and cooking makes up the rest!

So that is my little update. I don’t know why I have such choppy sentences this evening. As I read through everything I feel as if I’m back to writing school reports in 4th grade. 🙂

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