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3/7/12: The Prospects of Made-To-Order


I’m extremely excited about this new idea of mine: selling home sewn a-line skirts on Etsy and having the made-to-order option for the buyer. This way, the buyer is able to pick and choose her fabric, certain skirt features, and best of all, she can “plug in” her body measurements. I’m loving this concept.

And this morning I’m one step further. I made my first made-to-order skirt listing and waiting eagerly for feedback and my first customer! I’ve done some custom sewing before (and I’m always doing some type of custom work for my family, like this example), so this shouldn’t be too outside my sewing comfort zone. And as I know with most Etsy customers, they appreciate the skill and work involved. 9 out of 10, that’s the reason why they shop at Etsy!

See the listing now by clicking here.

Wish me success in this new venture of mine!

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