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2/6/12: A Way to Interface a High-Waist Skirt


The Audrey Hepburn skirt I just recently finished has a high waist midriff (or yoke), and I interfaced this area by using two layers of medium weight, polyester interfacing. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

But what happens if your skirt is a full circle or half circle skirt, that has volumes of fabric weighing down the midriff? Yeah, two layers of med. weight interfacing is not going to do the job. So what other options are there?

Haven’t thought about this kind of situation until I read a blog post written by Rebekah, from Rebekah’s Sewing Diary.¬†When Rebekah sewed together a vintage Butterick skirt, she used scraps of hair canvas and feather-weight boning to stabilize this area and add real structure.

I have never used hair canvas or boning before but I’ve been seeing them mentioned all over the blogosphere lately. I always looked upon hair canvas as the “jacket interfacing” and the boning as the “costume” or “bustier” sewing notion. But as I find out more and more, these two have many more uses than I could imagine. I’ve learned from past sewing projects that most failed sewing attempts are caused by choosing the wrong fabric or interfacing for the job. That’s why I am so glad to know that I can add two more sewing notions to my stash that will really make a difference in the outcome of future sewing endeavors.

So, thank you so much, Rebekah, for sharing these inner workings of your skirt. They have really expanded my view of interfacing choices!

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