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2/5/12: Furry Fun


Are you ready for cuteness overload? Or adorable shock syndrome? Well, brace yourself for. . .

Ally my alley cat:

Are you OK? Yeah, I warned you. . .
So how do you like Ally? He’s the crocheted version of the real life Ally who is a black cat with a purple collar and a lovey-dovey sort of composition. He will literally melt in your hand if you pet him. 🙂 And that is the reason why I added a felt heart to his ensemble:
The crochet pattern I used for him was Alley Cats written by Pauline Abayon and published in Creature Crochet. The book, that came along with a kit, was given to me for my birthday last month and I have been wanting to make him ever since then. Learn more about Ally the cat by visiting my Ravelry project page
And what’s this? Benny, another cat of ours, just had a litter and I thought she only had two kitties. . . Hmm. . .


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