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12/14/11: Sewing a U.S. Marine Dog Coat — the Pattern


So what’s been happening with my sewing lately? My current project is an U.S. Marine dog coat for an English bulldog. See my other post to learn more:

The task of altering the pattern should have been done last week but I ran into a couple problems. Mainly caused by my ignorance of altering dog clothes and going through one of those moments of “I don’t know if I am doing this right. . . Can I really do this?” I searched all over the internet to find information on this and came out empty handed, which was a real bummer. I guess I am those people who need instruction and have a hard time just winging it. But after much encouragement from my sisters who kept on saying, “You know you are going to figure it out in time,” I managed to extensively alter Simplicity 9520 to fit Corporal Jazzmin.
Simplicity 9520 is this:
I chose to use view E of this pattern which has sleeves, an extended back, and a collar similar to that of my inspiration found in Chesty’s uniform. The coat is made up of four pattern pieces, BACK, FRONT, COLLAR, and SLEEVE.
According to the pattern envelope, this pattern was meant for large dogs with a 16″ to 23″ neck, 13″ to 15″ body length measured from shoulder to just behind last rib and a 24″ to 28″ chest and weighing approx. 30 to 46 lbs.
So, yeah, Jazzmin should fit in this category just fine, I thought. But with almost every pattern you need to do some alterations and 9520 was no exception. There was need to alter the neckline, collar, leg openings, sleeve cap, sleeve length, sleeve width, body width, and body length. Whew! And at the very beginning, I had no idea how to do this! But then I thought, why would it be so different from any “human pattern” alteration? Especially when I knew Jazzmin’s neck circumference, neck to back measurement, weight, and chest circumference? Couldn’t find any real answer for this question, so I just pulled back my sleeves and never looked back.
So right now I have the pattern pieces all altered (yay!) and I just used them to cut out some fabric for a muslin. Haha. A muslin. Didn’t think I would be doing this but I just couldn’t see myself going through all my navy blue fabric and come out with something that doesn’t fit. Ugh, that wouldn’t be great now, would it? So I am going to make this “mock” dog coat, have Jazzmin try it on, and see if any other changes are needed.

Now onto the sewing machine (the fun part)! Will be back to show you some muslin details.

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