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5/29/11: A Round Up of Topics


Have a mismatch of topics to talk about today.

Giveaway: I first want to thank all the participants in the Rosy Days of May Giveaway (which will be ending tomorrow, by the way, so spread the word!). Catherine and I think it was a success and we learned so much from doing it! I can’t wait to find out who the winner is on May 31st and send her a special package of goodies. The future is sure to hold more giveaways here on my blog, so be sure to keep an eye open for those.

Here’s a question for you: What giveaway prizes do you always look for? Crafting supplies like fabric, yarn, or patterns? Handmade items? Books?

Stool Cushions: I’m coming along well with the stool cushions I mentioned about yesterday. The only problem I’ve ran into so far is lack of good synthetic foam around here. I went to Wal-Mart last Thursday and spent a couple seconds looking in their fabric section. Even though I go there almost every week, I haven’t looked at their fabrics before because I find fabric and notions way too tempting! Fabric is one of those things that causes impulse shopping for me I’m afraid. 🙂 But I knew I could handle the onslaught of fabric bolt attacks by having a real plan. Plan of attack was get in, look for foam and knit fabric, and get out.

It turned out to be a disappointment. The foam was thin and ridiculously priced and they didn’t have one single bolt of knit fabric. I’ve been thinking of sewing some knit t-shirts for myself and so I am need of interlock or jersey fabrics that are lightweight. I find it hard to choose a knit from an online source because I personally want to see how much stretch it has and feel the weight of the fabric.

So, yeah, the foam choices at Wal-Mart did not make me happy. So now I am looking for an online source to purchase from. Do you know of any online source that carries synthetic foam that is typically used as cushion forms? I don’t need the foam right away I just want to replace the foam I used for these stool cushions I’m sewing.

Silky Scarf Plan: I have been getting many, many compliments about the silky scarf and rose pin I made for the giveaway. Because they were both quick and easy for me to make, my eldest sister suggested that these items would do well in my Etsy shop and the Craft Room that is located in my family’s farm stand. That has been a major problem with me over the years: choosing items to sell that require too much time and hands on work. I think this tendency of mine is linked to my fondness of intricate work and making things that have lots of eye-catching details. This habit can really slow me down and I causes me to fall behind.

So this scarf idea kind of hit home with me. The scarf and pin can be changed up in so many ways that I know I’ll never run out of ideas. And the scarf isn’t only a scarf, it can be used as a kerchief, sash, or snood. What I did find at Wal-Mart is lots of satin and silk-like material. . . That is where I’ll be going this week if I can.

So that leaves me with questions for you all: what color would you buy the silky scarf in? Would you keep it navy blue or would you rather have it in a different color? How would you wear it? Like a scarf or maybe a sash?

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