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5/7/11: Unwrapping Etsy


Way back in March I said at the beginning of a post:

No posts in the last week or so but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to some mischief. I’ve created something rather special a few days ago but that will be under wraps for just a little while longer. 

What has been “under wraps” shall be revealed today. I created an Etsy shop! I wanted to wait until I had a wide array of items up for sale in my shop before I tell you all, but I thought I waited way too long for this. It has been over a month since I created it! 

Click here to visit St. Gemma’s Art and Needlework Etsy Store.

An Etsy shop of my own has been on the brain ever since I learned about the website about five years ago. As some of you might know, I’ve been selling what I create (by way of knitting, sewing, rosary making, watercolor, etc.), in a “craft room” that is adjacent to my family’s farm market. I’ve been selling my handcrafted items since 2003, I think, so I guess you can say that I’ve been in the “biz” for awhile!

{ View of Magicland Farms }

Last November and December I did something out of the ordinary, I sold a few items on Ebay; namely my Sunny Spread afghan and two shawls. I was pessimistic about the whole thing from the beginning but it turned out to be very successful. I sold everything I listed. Awesome!

Since I had such great success with Ebay and I bought a laptop and camera, March was the perfect time to set up shop. Right now I am selling just a few items–rosaries and a crocheted sweater but I had my first sale today! I’m very excited about it and I hope to add more listings very soon. I have a load of ideas of what I can sell and create, so visit again to see what is new.

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