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April 24, 2016
by Rebekah Fox

The Art and Needlework Podcast Episode 4 – The LONG Episode


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Show Highlights:

1. The podcast is an hour long!
2. Finished objects: Birthday Crochet Afghan, 90 pairs of baby booties (yes, 90!), Garden Party Sweater, Minion Project Bag, and more! Works in Progress: African Flower Hexagon Afghan and baby socks on my mother’s knitting machine.
3. I talk about my new love for couture sewing.
4. April Walk on the Farm. I take a spring walk on our 65 acre fruit/veggie farm to show you the sights and sounds of my day-to-day life.


Show Notes:

The Crochet Class I taught was at my local yarn store: The New Ewe.

FOs: Garden Party Sweater by Marly Bird, yarn used: KnitPicks Gloss Fingering in Clover.

Birthday Afghan, pattern used: Simplicity 6647 from 1974? Yarn used: unmarked acrylic yarn from stash.

Place I bought my minion fabric for Minion Project Bag:

WIPs: African Flower Hexagon Afghan. My ravelry project. Yarn used: primarily Plymouth Encore Worsted.

Couture Sewing Class: Sewing a Couture Dress with Susan Khalje. Wax tracing paper.

Where to buy thread:

My Family Farm:

Magicland Farms

February 17, 2016
by Rebekah Fox

Knitting Tutorial: Kitchener Stitch for Both Knit and Purl Stitches

Kitchener Stitch is a knitting graft that has you connecting two sets of live stitches (typically being held on two different needles), where the knit stitches are sewn to the knit stitches and purl stitches are sewn to purl stitches. The result is a nearly seamless graft.

When I needed to do the kitchener stitch when grafting a cable design, I was very confused. I found instructions everywhere on how to do the knit stitches but not many instructors explained how to do the purl stitches. I eventually figured it out and thought I should share my findings through a YouTube video. So here it is: The Kitchener Stitch for Both Knit and Purl Stitches.

Kitchener Stitch

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February 16, 2016
by Rebekah Fox

Art and Needlework Podcast Episode 3: Explorations in Gauge

It has been a couple of weeks since I last put out a podcast. Had some tech trouble when my video editing software just wouldn’t open. Luckily, I figured out the problem and had everything back up and running yesterday!

Episode 3

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Show Highlights:

In this podcast I share the news about an upcoming crochet class happening at my Local Yarn Store.

I mention one current project this week, the crocheted Garden Party Sweater designed by Marly Bird.

A lot of finished objects to share with you this time, including a sweet little baby quilt, baby slippers, and a watercolor painting.

At the end of the podcast, I go a little deeper into the discussion of crochet stitch gauge with the Garden Party Sweater.


Show Notes:

My local yarn store: The New Ewe in Newaygo, Michigan.

My Amazon store:


Patterns Mentioned:

The Garden Party Sweater by Marly Bird

Reversible Baby Slippers by Little Mela Designs


Quilt Supplies Mentioned:

Charm Pack used in Baby Quilt: Kindred Spirits by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda

Charm Pack used for Baby Slippers: Robert Kaufman Urban Zoologie


Watercolor Supplies Mentioned:

Winsor and Newton Professional Artist Watercolor Tube Paints: Topher’s Place

Porcelain 10-Well Watercolor Palette

Rectangular Porcelain Palette

Fluid Hot Press Watercolor Block: PAC Art Supply

Winsor and Newton University Watercolor Brushes


Other YouTubers Mentioned:

Anna Mason and Steve Mitchell, watercolorists

Missouri Star Quilt Company


Yarns Mentioned:

KnitPicks Gloss Fingering in Clover



February 12, 2016
by Rebekah Fox

The YouTube Group

Because I’ve been doing such a wide variety of crafts lately to fill my online stores, I’ve been finding myself on YouTube more and more, trying to find helpful sewing, quilting, knitting, and watercolor tips. I thought it would be a fun idea to share what I’ve been watching.

Anna Mason, Watercolor with Wow. Anna Mason is a self-taught watercolorist from England who has an eye for botanical watercolor art. Her art is really breathtaking and I really like the way she explains the consistency of paint (buttery, creamy, milky, watery. . .) and how to approach hue and tone. I’ve read many how-to watercolor books and none of them explained color mixing and tone evaluation like Mason. I recently bought her Craftsy class. Superbly done. I like to take out my tablet and watch her before I go off to sleep, her voice is so calming!


Jenny Doan, Missouri Star Quilt Company. Missouri Star Quilt Company is based in Hamilton, Missouri and is quite the company! They have an expansive number of stores in the store, covering most of main street. There’s a store for basic fabrics (the old JCPenney building), modern, seasonal, and lots of more. They even opened a “guy’s lounge” so the husbands can wait for their wives to get done with the quilt shopping! They have a huge presence on YouTube, covering quilt topics every Friday. I just used their Binding on a Machine and Baby Quilt tutorials this past week. I really enjoy watching Jenny. She is a “shoot from the hip” sort of person and I like that kind of spirit in crafting. I learned about MSQ from. . .


Vanessa Brown, The Crafty Gemini and Crafty Gemini Creates. Vanessa has two channels on YouTube. She started out with The Crafty Gemini several years ago, showing different kinds of crafts and homemaking skills, like soap and bread making; gardening and carpentry. She then began to veer more towards quilting. Her videos are very exact and to the point, which I appreciate a lot when I am in the middle of a project and just want to get to the next step. Almost all her projects are quick and simple but she also gives out technique videos (such as free motion quilting) which I always love to sit back and watch. Last year she teamed up with Jenny from Missouri Star Quilt Company and started Crafty Gemini Creates. It’s another YouTube channel that stars Vanessa and filmed in Hamilton, Missouri under the guidance of MSQ. Different location and team, same quality.


Steve Mitchell, The Mind of Watercolor. If I ever had the chance to take a watercolor class I would want Steve Mitchell as my instructor. His love for watercolor is infectious and his personality is great. Watercolor has the reputation of having a mind of its own and Mitchell likes to dig deep and figure out the mind of watercolor by observation and years of experience. He likes to test things, especially new watercolor paints and supplies; probably comes from his graphic design background. His reviews and recommendations (Sepia is king!)  are what I really look for when viewing. One of his favorite subjects to paint are birds, just like yours truly. So when I get an alert on my phone that a new Steve Mitchell Bird Painting tutorial is up, I have to stop everything to watch it.


Steve Ramsey, Woodworking for Mere Mortals. I can’t help but smile when I think of his videos. His sense of humor, especially in his ads, matches mine and I am always looking forward to a new one every week. Steve is based in California and creates videos that involve woodworking from the very basic (how to use a table saw) to advance projects (how to make a Murphy bed). Almost every project he does he makes for his own family and home which I think is brilliant. It really captures the troubleshooting aspect of carpentry. Like the time he was building a privacy gate for the side of his house and things weren’t as even as they could be. He showed you what you could do in situations like his, which I can imagine comes up a lot in the real world.


Jenni and Devon, Tiny Paper Foxes. As you can tell from the creation of the Art and Needlework Podcast, I am a podcast listener/watcher. Podcasts have been becoming very popular over the last year and there’s new ones popping up all the time. The podcast I always try to catch up on is Tiny Paper Foxes. The hosts, Jenni and Devon, are a young, married couple living in New York City who are really (and I mean really) into knitting and spinning. Jenni started the podcast back in November 2015 and Devon slowly made is way to the front of the camera in late December, to talk about his makes and share is spinning yarn journey. They discuss topics like knitting in public, knitting on the subway, other podcasters, knit meetups (such as VKL), spinning, wips, fos, -alongs such as Craftfor20, Tiny Paper Foxes Ravelry Group, and their other woolly ventures. Always a pleasant podcast to watch.


So these YouTubers are my current favorites! Do you have someone to share?



January 26, 2016
by Rebekah Fox

Art and Needlework Podcast Episode 2: Amazon Ave.

Another podcast for you today. I had a lot of fun putting this together! My poor laptop had quite a workout this time editing the many video clips, images, and audio that were used but it once again came through. Not bad for a five year old laptop!

Art and Needlework Podcast Episode 2Click here for Episode 2 – Amazon Ave.

Show Highlights:

In this podcast I discuss some exciting news. . . I am now an Amazon Artisan! Which translates to: I have a store in the Handmade Department on See it here. Pretty awesome!

The current projects mentioned this week are the Birthday Afghan and Aislinn Cardigan (from the Pilot episode) and a FO is presented as well.

Wanted to include life on the farm in the podcast so we have A January Walk on the Farm.


Show Notes:


Handmade at Amazon:

The Department.

My store.

Yarns Mentioned:

Blue/White Chevron Infinity Scarf used 1 ball of KnitPicks Dishie in White and Berroco Modern Cotton in Color 1621.

My Family Farm:

Magicland Farms


January 19, 2016
by Rebekah Fox

Presenting the Art and Needlework Podcast!

Ever since I started crafting I’ve been reading crafting blogs. They are a great source of inspiration, community, and knowledge. Another great source I’ve found are podcasts. One of the great advantages of listening to a podcast is that you can sew, knit, etc. while listening. A great way to past the time!

I’ve noticed a small but steady climb in the amount of crafty podcasters on Youtube and the great sense of community they are forming. I’ve been tempted to start my own for a long time now and I finally took the big step–I just uploaded my first podcast episode to YouTube. I am now the host of The Art and Needlework Podcast!


See the first episode here.

With every episode I make I will be adding the show notes to a blog post. If you have any comments or suggestions about the new show please leave them in the comments section below!


Show Notes for Episode 1 – Pilot:

Knit/Crochet Patterns Mentioned:

  1. Fisherman’s Afghan. Crochet. A Simplicity (yes the sewing pattern company) pattern from 1974; #6647. Using worsted weight yarn and size J hook.
  2. Aislinn Cardigan. Knit. Designed by Amy Herzog. Using Willow Yarn Everest in Steel Gray. US 5/3.75mm circular needle.

Pencil Skirt Design:

  1. Faux Suede fabric was bought from
  2. Leather bought from TheLeatherGuyMN on Etsy.
  3. Where my skirt sloper came from: Stringcodes

Family Farm:

  1. Magicland Farms.

My YouTube channel:

  1. Art and Needlework YouTube Channel.

Ravelry ID:

  1. Needlestohook


December 4, 2015
by Rebekah Fox

My KnitPicks Yarn Haul

I was going to post about my craft room makeover but I just couldn’t resist showing you the big box of yarn I just received.  It’s from KnitPicks, have you heard of them? They are located in Vancouver, Washington and the company was started by a husband and wife team awhile back. I am not even sure when they started–way before I knew how to knit! They have semi-retired from KnitPicks but their son, Matt, has taken over and has done a great job so far. I occasionally listen to the KnitPicks podcast so I like to keep up to date on what they are doing behind the scenes.

OK, onto the discussion of yarn. I took advantage of the KnitPicks’ annual BIG SALE (this isn’t my first time) they ran the week leading up to Cyber Monday. If I am remembering right, I think they used to do the week after. They probably wanted to switch it to the week prior to profit from Black Friday sales.

The BIG SALE is huge in my opinion. A lot of their prices are drastically reduced and it is my one time out of the year to stock up on the more luxurious fibers, such as silk, kid mohair, and alpaca. I threw in some acrylic and wool for good measure, though!

All of these yarns I purchased will be used in the creation of products for my new online store, Art and Needlework, and my Etsy shop. So I will give you a sneak peek at what are my plans for future store items.

First up is their Brava in bulky weight. It is an 100% acrylic yarn.

BravaBulky1 BravaBulky2 BravaBulky3

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November 29, 2015
by Rebekah Fox

The Art and Needlework Store!

Hi everyone! This post had a long time coming, hasn’t it? Let me fill you in on what’s been going on with me since my last post (May 9, 2014).

If you are a reader of my cooking blog, Sabbath Supper, you would have known that last winter and spring I was a student of the Culinary Institute of Michigan in Muskegon, Michigan. I did one quarter and did very well, both in my studies, grades, and the path I was choosing. Then my dad’s health started on a downward spiral so there was a need for me to withdraw from school and concentrate more on helping him here at home.

It was not an easy thing for me to switch gears at that time, especially since I was looking forward to going back to school for a year prior to that. But I knew it was the best choice and I know I just pressed the pause button. There will be time for me to go back to it.

Being more home-based these days led me to search out a way to do something I’ve been doing off and on for years: sell my handmade items.

Ever since I started crafting I’ve been selling. At my family’s farm market there is a small room attached, which we call The Craftroom. My sisters and I have been selling out of that room since the early 2000’s and my mom sold her crafts there back in the 1990s. I also have been a vendor at several local craftshows and have sold items on Ebay and Etsy.

So new for Winter 2015/2016: The Art and Needlework Store!

I’ve made an online store from the ground up and it has just gone live about a week ago. You can always visit the store from here by clicking on Store up on top. I’m adding new products to it everyday. Right now I am concentrating on great gifts for Christmas so I have appliqued throw pillows with fun, woodland creatures on the front such as my Fox Pillow and Loon Pillow. I got really into appliqueing so I came up with the idea of making pillows that have silhouettes of famous book characters such as my Nancy Drew Pillow and Sherlock Holmes Pillow.

I’ve been getting back into my watercolor painting so I am also selling my Watercolor Journals such as my Birch Grove and Horse books.

I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate quick and inexpensive Christmas gifts into the mix so I also put up my Cabled Handwarmers that I crocheted and “I Heart” Quilted Potholders.


Because I am turning my crafting into a full-fledged home business, some major changes had to be done to my crafting space. I will give you the tour next time!

May 9, 2014
by Rebekah Fox

Sewing a Slipcover from Start to Finish — Part 1

I am doing it! I’ve daydreamed of covering our three seat sofa for years and years and am finally pulling back my sleeves and diving into the world of slipcovering. Firstly, let me give you a little history about me and slipcovers. I haven’t made one–ever. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. In all actuality, I don’t often do home decor, I mostly stay within my garment making boundaries. Much rather make a dress than a pillow! I will stray from my ordinary sewing niche every once in awhile just because I would much rather make x, y or z myself than buy it at a big box store like Walmart. A house full of homemade decor is very, very tempting to me!

So this is the sofa in question:


The Sofa: This sofa is about 30 years old and is in fair shape considering the number of kids that jumped, rolled, and climbed on it over the years. It is actually a sleeper sofa so a fully functional bed is hidden within. The tweed-like upholstery is tattered on the arms but thankfully the cushions are not saggy or lumpy. So in conclusion: this sofa has many more years left and deserves a much needed slipcover to brighten it up. Continue Reading →

May 2, 2014
by Rebekah Fox
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Sewing Basics Series

Sewing Basics

When one is away from crafting for a long time she usually finds herself at a lost to what to pick up again. Should she tackle the mending pile? Alter that jacket? Fix that zipper? All of those suggestions sound, well, too practical. Too mundane and yawning material, especially for a person who is getting back into the crafty swing of things.

That was my state of mind when I finished straightening my crafting room and was pondering on what to start on first. I had just received my 13 plastic containers (from ebay) to house all my little bits and notions for sewing. So I now had all my bias, twill, and rick rack tape, all my buttons and needles, and even the fabric pens and dyes a place to call home. After going on this little organizing adventure, I was reminded of how important the little things in sewing are for a beginner. Knowing how to use all these tools and notions properly, how to master simple sewing techniques like threading a needle or machine, and discovering those useful tips like using distilled water in your iron to maintain clean steam vents, are so important but aren’t always mentioned or explained in sewing books. So I thought of a new series for my YouTube channel, The Sewing Basics Series.

My goal with this new series is to cover the simple aspects of sewing with simplicity. I hope to avoid throwing out techno sewing lingo and over explain everything. That last part might be the hardest part about it! The first one up in this series is How to Sew, Iron, and Transfer Darts. Darts, for me, took awhile to get right.  There always seemed to be issues with getting the darts legs to meet perfectly. After combining a few different dart techniques into one, I’ve made it pass my dart obstacle and now I can make darts that are straight, on point with the dart point, and pucker and bubble free.


Just last week I finished Part 2 of the series. Since I was working on a dress with a back zipper, I decided to film: How to Sew the Top of a Zipper. There is always something to learn about how to sew in a zipper. I’m finding out insider tips all the time, especially on Sunni’s Craftsy class. One of the things that can really puzzle a beginner is, how do you finish off the top of the zipper? A lot of zipper demonstrations completely skip over this step (even me with my invisible zipper tutorial), so I thought it was high time to let those beginner sewers in on this final step.


Still thinking about what Part 3 should be about. So many topics to discuss! Sewing is one of those things that seems endless when it comes to the imagination, both in creation and sharing sewing knowledge. Hope this post finds you well. Have fun crafting!